Winja is a free tool for checking files, downloads and running processes with VirusTotal.

A simple opening menu displays three main options. "Browse for file" uploads the file you specify to VirusTotal; Download and Scan downloads a file, then checks it with VirusTotal; and Quick Process Scan lists running processes and checks the one you specify.

VirusTotal checks the file against 55-60 of the top antivirus engines, and Winja displays its score (infected/total, such as 5/58) in a separate pop-up.

If you need to know more, a Session Scan Results tab displays the verdict of each individual antivirus engine.

Winja also provides four extra system security tools of its own.

Process Viewer is an expanded task manager, listing running processes in a tree, detailing loaded modules, opened files, and more.

Task Scheduler lists your Windows scheduled tasks, and provides some basic right-click tools (Check with VirusTotal, Disable, Delete).

Windows Startup lists your startup programs. Again, you can delete or disable selected items, or submit them to VirusTotal.

Registered Services is more basic, essentially just a simple Windows Services viewer. There's an option to scan a service with VirusTotal, but you can't stop, delete or otherwise tweak it.

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Winja's interface is occasionally annoying. To check a file, for instance, you click a button in one window, specify the suspect file in a dialog box, watch the upload process in a different tab, then have to look at a toast notification to see the overall score, and click yet another tab for the details. This needs to be streamlined a little (or, preferably, a lot).

"Quick Process Scan" needs the ability to scan all your running processes, too.

Still, there's nothing here that isn't fixable, and for a very first release, Winja seems promising.