We are all used to protecting our privacy online, but security issues also exist at a local level. The vast majority of programs you have installed store information about the way in which they have been used and the files they have been used to create, edit and view. If you share a computer with other, this may reveal information you would rather others did not know. While it is often possible to manually work through individual programs and delete and activity traces that may have been stored, but this can be a time consuming process.

Webroot Window Washer 2010 can automatically clear the activity logs for hundreds of programs, included web browsers, as well as providing a bleaching facility that overwrites deleted data with random information to render it unrecoverable. The cleaning process can be scheduled to run automatically when Windows starts up or shuts down, or when a browser window is closed, so there is no need to remember to wipe out potentially revealing data. Internet cookies which are trusted or needed can be added to an exclusion list to prevent them from being deleted.

The program can also be used to securely delete files from your computer so they cannot be recovered, and the free space cleaner option can be used to wipe out any files that were deleted before installing Window Washer. As well as helping to protect your privacy, clearing out unnecessary files with Window Washer can help to improve the performance of Windows and the automated settings mean that it is suitable for all levels of computing ability.

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With privacy being a real concern for computer users, Window Washer is a cheap and effective way to ensure that your personal data does not fall into the wrong hands.