W10Privacy is a portable free tool which makes it easier to view and control Windows 10's many privacy-related settings.

There are a lot of options to browse, but W10Privacy tries to make life easier by organising them in several tabs: Privacy, Telemetry, Search, Network, Explorer, Services, OneDrive, Tasks, Tweaks and more.

Click any tab and a list of related actions appears. Some of these are Windows 10-specific ("Disable the Delivery Optimization Service", the scheme where Windows updates can be obtained from other systems on your network), but others are general PC tweaks ("Show extensions for known file types in Explorer").

One immediate plus point is that most of these actions are very clearly described, like "Do not let apps use my camera" or "Do not let apps access my name, picture and other account into".

If that's not enough, hovering the mouse over that action displays a tooltip with more information.

W10Privacy gives you quite fine control over some areas. There's not just a vague "block telemetry" option: instead you can choose to "block IP addresses of known Microsoft telemetry servers" through either a firewall rule or your HOSTS file, in both full-strength and lightweight versions.

Each action is colour-coded, too, as either green (safe to set), amber (check carefully) or red (don't do this unless you're really sure), reducing the chance that you'll cause some major problems.

What's new in (see full changelog - German language only)

- Add two more deactivatable tasks
- Add an application whose outbound traffic should be disabled through the firewall (DeviceCensus.exe)
- Updating the Russian language
- detail improvements

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The interface needs work, but W10Privacy scores for the details it gives about every setting and tweak. If you're not quite sure what competing tools are doing, give this a try instead.