VbKeylogger is a simple open-source tool for testing the effectiveness of antikeylogger software.

There's no installation required-- just download the single executable, click Start and the program immediately begins logging.

To test this, launch Notepad, type a few words and check the vbKeylogger console.

If the program displays the exact characters you're typing, as you enter them, this shows software on your system can record your keypresses.

If the program displays nothing, or random garbage characters, your antikeylogger is working. But don't read too much into that: it's not very sophisticated, at all, and it's possible that a real keylogger could still bypass your protection.

VbKeylogger supports a "background" mode. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to hide the program (no taskbar button), Ctrl+Alt+S to restore it.

There's also a "Write to disk" option which saves the log when the program closes.

Please note: antivirus software may detect vbKeylogger as a threat. If that happens, it's only because it's been recognised as a keylogger, and treated it as a "potentially unwanted program". There's absolutely no danger here, guaranteed (we've seen the source code and built it ourselves).

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VbKeylogger is tiny, easy to use, and a simple way to test antikeylogger tools. But be careful how you interpret the results.

The program can show you're vulnerable (if it displays your keypresses), but it can't show that you're safe. Even if vbKeylogger can't record your keypresses, it's possible a real keylogger may be able to do so.