Toolbar Terminator 2018 is a straightforward tool which makes it exceptionally easy to find and remove even the most persistent of browser toolbars.

The program doesn't need any special configuration, and there are no complex options to consider. You don't even have to click a "Start" button. Just launch Toolbar Terminator 20185 and it immediately checks Edge, Chrome and Firefox for add-ons.

Anything discovered is presented in a list. Icons show whether the toolbar was installed in Edge, Chrome and Firefox, and Toolbar Terminator 2018 also checks for remnants left behind in Windows (typically Registry keys).

The toolbars displayed won't necessarily be malicious, and it's important to browse the report with care. Toolbar Terminator 2018 highlighted entirely safe and legitimate Avast and IObit toolbars on our test system, for instance. Check the list on your PC and be sure to clear the checkbox to the left of anything you want to keep.

Once you're finished, click "Remove..." and Toolbar Terminator 2018 will hunt down and eliminate every last trace of your unwanted add-ons.

By default, the program also restores your preferred home page, useful if it's been changed to something else.

This all seems straightforward enough to us, but if you'd like to cut your hassles even further, click Settings, check "Scan system automatically after user logon", and Toolbar Terminator 2018 will automatically alert you to problems whenever you log in.

Please note, you must unlock the software by providing your name and email address before it can be used. Just follow the instructions in the pop-up displayed when Toolbar Terminator is first launched.

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Decent tool but hampered by the price against performance, plus finding legitimate toolbars which are actually part of installed software.