When you use your computer, particularly on the web, you leave a trail of files showing where you have been and what you have done. Cookies, form completion history, browser caches, recent documents - the list of clues you leave behind is long. You don't have to be a spy or criminal to care about keeping this information safe, some of it can be very personal, so being able to clean up after yourself can be a good thing, especially if you share your computer with others.

Sweeper is a small KDE application that does this for you. When it starts up it shows a list of categories, from clipboard contents to cookie policies, all of them selected by default. Choose the ones you want to clean and press the Clean Up button and Sweeper with work its way through your home directory removing such information. At the moment, Sweeper is quite a basic program, it gives you no opportunity to review what you are about to delete, only a standard "Are you sure"? dialog before it starts it scan. Nor does it give an option to backup what it is about to delete, just in case you are too enthusiastic in your choices. Having said that, it does do a decent job of cleaning up after you and is worth using on a shared computer or an unsecured laptop.

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Fairly basic for now, but it does a decent job. Needs better control and documentation.