SterJo Mail Passwords is a free portable tool which recovers and displays passwords for popular webmail services.

This only works if the password has been stored locally by one of the supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera), and it's a supported webmail service (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, GMX, Zoho and one or two more).

The program is supremely easy to use. Unzip the download, run MailPasswords.exe, click the Unlock icon on the toolbar (or select File > Show Mail Passwords), your system is scanned and the mail service, user name and password are displayed for any local accounts.

Right-click an account and you'll find options to copy the user name, password, or all of its details to the clipboard.

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SterJo Mail Passwords is a simple and straightforward tool which works as advertised. We probably wouldn't use it as a recovery tool - clicking the "Forgotten password" link is easy enough - but if others use your PC then it's a quick way to see whether they might be able to find your logon details.