Steganos Privacy Suite is a comprehensive collection of tools for keeping your personal information safe from snoopers.

Steganos Safe stores confidential files in a secure password-protected vault. It's able to encrypt data on your hard drive, USB keys, even cloud files (Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are supported).

If that's too obvious, you can hide a Safe inside a multimedia file so that no-one even knows it's there.

Privacy Suite includes a password manager where you can save your logins, bank account details, credit card information, even "Private Favourites", URLs you'd like to keep handy, but not make entirely public.

An Email Encryption module can encrypt your message text and file attachments, making sure your private communications stay that way.

There are general online privacy tweaks to block ads, social tracking buttons and anonymise your browser type.

The "TraceDestructor" securely deletes your browsing and Windows traces to prevent others checking your activities.

Steganos Suite is rounded off with the Shredder, which wipes confidential files or free space to ensure they can't be recovered later.

What's new in v21?

- Several user interface themes for you to choose from
- Massive cloud sync and Mobile Privacy performance speedup
- See more: optional increased data density in password lists
- File attachments now sync between PCs too
- Password categories also in Mobile Privacy apps
- Clearer Safe creation with more assistance
- Portable Safe improvements

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A versatile suite of tools, highly configurable and with a lot of features and functionality.