Steganos Password Manager is a one-stop system for managing all your web passwords, bank account details, credit cards and more.

The program is based around the idea of "keychains", secure lists of passwords. You could create one keychain for your home logins, another for work, maybe have separate keychains for different family members. Whatever you decide, each keychain gets its own password, so having access to one doesn't necessarily mean you can see any of the others.

There's just as much flexibility in deciding how your keychain is structured. If you only have a few passwords you might keep them in a single list, but otherwise you can organise them into whatever pattern of folders and subfolders you need (\Office, \Home, \Shopping, \Shopping\Clothes, Shopping\Software\Mobile, more).

Your stored credentials can be automatically entered on visiting a supported site, if you're using a supported browser (Chrome or Firefox). Otherwise you're able to fill login forms manually by dragging and dropping fields from Password Manager onto your web page.

Need to use your passwords elsewhere? There are plenty of options. You could install Steganos Password Manager on another computer, on a USB key for easy access on any convenient PC, or add it to iOS and Android devices to make your logins available on the move, via cloud synchronisation.

What's new in v21?

- Several user interface themes for you to choose from
- Massive cloud sync and Mobile Privacy performance speedup
- See more: optional increased data density in password lists
- File attachments now sync between PCs too
- Password categories also in Mobile Privacy apps

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Steganos Password Manager is a capable application with some useful features, but there are free tools which can be more convenient and easier to use.