SafeHouse Explorer is a simple but powerful encryption tool that allows you to keep your most confidential files safe from snoopers.

The program works by creating "storage vaults", large container files. Once you've created a vault, simply drag and drop any personal files there. Then you can browse them later in the Explorer-type interface, launch programs or view documents just as you always have - except only someone who knows the password will be able to do this. Everyone else will be locked out, and as the vault is protected with strong 256-bit Twofish encryption there's very little chance of them being able to uncover your secrets.

Each of these vaults can be up to 2,000 GB. You can create as many as you need. And you can use them to protect files on local or external drives, CDs, DVDs, even USB flash drives.

You might also create a small vault just to hold one or two small documents, that you'd like to share with others. Email this to your chosen recipients, give them the password by phone or in person, and you can be sure that no-one else will be able to intercept or read your message.

While this is all very easy to use, the real advantage comes in the attention to detail here. For example, if you hold down the right mouse button while dragging and dropping a file onto SafeHouse Explorer, you'll be offered the option of making this a "secure move". Not only does this move your document into the storage vault, but it will also securely wipe the original file, so there's no chance of someone recovering it with an undelete tool.

Please note, there are two more powerful versions of SafeHouse Explorer available, the Personal and Professional Editions. These support more and stronger encryption methods (AES, Blowfish and others, up to 448-bit), include many usability improvements, support storing passwords on smartcards and USB sticks, and more. The programs cost $29.99 and $59.99 respectively, and you can read more at the SafeHouse site.

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An easy-to-use and effective encryption tool with a host of useful features