The battle against viruses and malware is an on-going one, and there are a variety of techniques that are used by malware writers to trick people into installing malicious software on their computers. One such technique is a variation on the old Trojan idea, providing a piece of software that purports to do one thing when it in fact has a very negative payload.

A particularly sneaky way in which this is implemented is to provide a program that pretends to be an antivirus tool when in fact it is the precise opposite. This is precisely the problem that Remove Fake Antivirus aims to address and as this is a portable app, it can be copied to a USB drive and used on any computer you have access to without having to worry about going through an installation process.

The problem of fake antivirus tools is a growing one. Many people who do not have a well-known AV program installed may search the web for something to help out with a suspected virus infection, and there is not guarantee that the first link that is clicked is the helpful software it claims to be. It may be that you install a program that is useless, one that is dangerous or one that encourages you to buy and expensive, and possible useless, program.

Remove Fake Antivirus does very much what its name suggests, scanning your hard drive for known fake tools and giving you the chance to remove them. This is no replacement for a dedicated antivirus tool, but it still has its place. The fact that the program does not need to be installed is a big advantage as it reduces the risk of any virus that has made its way onto a machine blocking the installation of useful software.

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Not an alternative to a proper AV tool, but a program that has its uses nonetheless.