R-Crypto is an encryption tool which can help you to protect your personal and confidential files from unauthorised access.

The program works by creating encrypted virtual disks, which essentially are just password-protected files. When you need to access one, enter its password in R-Crypto and it'll appear in Explorer as a virtual drive; read and write to it or drag and drop files there as normal, disconnect the drive when you're done, and only someone who knows the password will be able to reload it.

While there are many similar tools around, R-Crypto is a little different as it makes use of whatever Windows cryptographic providers are installed on your PC. And this provides a little more control and freedom, if you need it (you have the option to choose the provider, hash, cipher, and key length you'd like to protect any particular disk, for instance).

But if you're not really interested in the fine details, that's fine too. Straightforward wizards and a clean interface mean that R-Crypto is generally very easy to use, and simply accepting the default settings will be enough most of the time.

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An effective and easy-to-use encryption tool