PhrozenSoft VirusTotal Uploader is a small tool which can upload multiple files to, where they'll be checked for malware by more than 40 leading antivirus engines.

At its simplest, you can just select one or more files in Explorer, drag and drop then onto VirusTotal Uploader (or a new widget you can leave on your desktop), and they'll be uploaded for you. A straightforward interface keeps you informed on the upload process, and results are displayed as they arrive.

There are plenty of other options, though. You can view your running processes, startup programs (now more thoroughly listed) or services, for instance, and submit anything which look suspicious. VirusTotal Uploader can run a check on anything with an open network connection, too. And there's even a "Download and Scan" tool; give the program your URL and it'll download the file for you, as well as delivering its VirusTotal scan results.

The download process may take quite some time, of course, so it was annoying that previous versions of VirusTotal Uploader only allowed you to grab one file at a time. But version 3.0 has fixed that, with the program happily downloading multiple files, and even importing URLs from a file if these are downloads you need to run regularly.

Other Version 3.0 changes include:

Desktop widget design is now optimized.
The Download and Scan now supports multi-file download.
The Download and Scan now supports import URL from file (New line separator).
New Settings panel added for Download and Scan
Now the program doesn’t require administrative privilege to work. You can elevate at any time to have a better scope of your system.
Startup list now supports Userinit startup method listing.
Startup list now supports disabled entries which still exist in the system.

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PhrozenSoft VirusTotal Uploader is an easy way to check suspect files for malware, with a host of handy bonus tools also included.