Phrozen KeyLogger Lite is a simple tool for recording keypresses. It could be useful if, say, you want to monitor what your kids are doing online, or you'd just like to see whether your security software really can block keyloggers.

The program installs easily, with no adware (it's the stripped-down version of a commercial package, so the authors are hoping you'll upgrade). It's not exactly stealthy, though: you're left with a "KeyLogger Lite" Start Menu folder, and whenever it's running the full "Phrozen KeyLogger Lite" name appears in Task Manager's processes list. You might get away with monitoring an eight year old, but otherwise it's not exactly difficult to spot.

The keylogging itself works quite well, though, and you can confirm this by running some tests. Close the KeyLogger Lite window, then open a few applications. Create a new email, edit something in Notepad, type a few URLs in your browser address bar - anything that involves a keypress or two.

Once you've finished, press your specified hotkey to launch KeyLogger Lite, enter your password, and you'll be presented with the main program console. A calendar bottom-right allows you to browse to the activity on a particular day, and the report itself captures the keys pressed, the time of entry, the active process at the time and its window title. (The latter is useful in itself, as it'll often show you the current document name or web page.)

These reports can be very lengthy, but a Search tool is on hand to help you locate specific text. And right-clicking a report entry reveals plenty of other options: you can print it, save the data to disk, mark a particular entry as "important" (an asterisk will appear next to it) and more.

Keep in mind that this is the Lite version, though, so there are also a number of options which only display a "Buy" box. "Word Blacklisting" sends email alerts when a particular word is entered, for instance; the reports can be sent to an FTP site; it's possible to have the program capture images from your desktop, webcam and more. The commercial builds are priced at around $28 and $61, and you can find out more at the Phrozen Software site.

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It's basic, and quite easy to spot, but Phrozen KeyLogger Lite does a good job of recording PC activity, and there are plenty of ways to browse its reports. If you only want simple text monitoring of non-technical users - very young children, say - it just might be good enough.