You'll be amazed how many individuals contact us saying they trust their operating system, but are very wary of installing new software thinking they are likely to be the victim of malware. However, their trust in their operating system is also their Achilles heel.

Why? Primarily as many people do not understand the definition of security. As an example, when you drag files to your Trashcan, effectively they sit in another location on your hard drive. When you delete the contents of Trash, the files headers are simply removed by your system. They might look like they have been erased, but far from it. Any recovery tool can find (and recover) those files with ease. This makes deleting your personal files important.

Permadelete is a simple tool which will completely erase your individual files or folders. It quickly wipes the files with other data, making it much harder to recover the files.  You can simply drag files onto the user interface or select individual files to erase. And that's about it. No preferences, no options, no wipe settings, nothing.

The UI is slightly strange, too. It's designed in a way which implies you load the program with multiple files before erasing. But as soon as you drag them onto the UI, it asks if you want to erase immediately. It's also unclear which wiping standards are used to erase your files, meaning that the method could be rather basic and easily reversed using powerful recovery tools.

This is the portable version of Permadelete.

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Very basic and it's unclear which wiping standards Permadelete uses to securely erase your files, either.