PCFerret is a free suite of tools for uncovering hidden details about your PC.

The program offers a system information report. It's not as capable as the specialist competition, and the report is more basic (details are presented on a single page, rather than organised into tabs), but there's still all the key details you'd expect: OS, motherboard, BIOS, CPU, RAM, video adapter, network, drivers, user accounts etc.

A Browser Media tool scans your browser caches (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera. Safari, Sea Monkey) for images or movies, then displays thumbnails of the results. Could be useful for checking what others are viewing online.

There's a similar "Cached URLs" module which checks your caches for signs of visiting porn sites (not too reliable but it has more general browser monitoring applications).

The "Find Files By Type" function is a highlight, scanning your PC and reporting on files whose content doesn't match their file extension. If someone has downloaded porn and renamed images or videos to have some other extension, say, this module should raise the alert. And it can also do other things, like detect executable code which has been disguised as something else.

There's a similar security tool in the program's "ADS Selection" feature, which scans your system to report on files with alternate data streams.

Bonus extras include a secure password creator, a file hash generator, a Tor Browser detector, and a module for managing Windows reboot operations (deleting, moving or renaming files when your system restarts).

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PCFerret has lots of features, but most of them aren't quite up to the standards of the leading competition. We still think it's worth downloading for the "Find Files By Type" module, which can uncover hidden archives, videos, images, encrypted files and more. It's also worth a look if you'd like to monitor what other users might be doing on your PC, especially as there's no adware or other hassles involved.