Virtually all computer users understand the importance of using a strong password to protect web sites and programs that require logging into. However, in practice, when asked to come up with a password, many of us will think of something which initially seems random and unguessable, but is in fact weak.

This is where Passwords for iPhone can help. The simple interface features a slider that can be use to choose the security level of a password which will then be randomly generated for you. Using a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols, the app generates password that most people simply wouldn't think of using.

The password that has been generated can be copied to the clipboard ready to paste into an account creation screen, or it can be emailed to yourself to serve as a reminder.

Set to the most secure setting you may well find that the passwords created by the program are simply too difficult to remember, but there is a happy medium to be found with a lower setting. The passwords may take a little time to memorise, but this means that they will be difficult for others to guess.

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A quick and easy way to generate passwords that are genuinely secure.