OSHI Cleaner is a simple collection of tools designed to help you free up valuable hard drive space.

The program organises its functions into three main areas - Disk, Registry or Programs - and these work much as you expect. To clear up hard drive space, say, you'd click Disk > Scan, OSHI Cleaner will check for files you can remove, and these may then be deleted with a click of the Clean button.

Unfortunately this scanning process isn't exactly thorough. On scanning our test PC, OSHI Cleaner appeared to only check the most basic of system areas (temporary folders, Recycle Bin), and found only 700MB of files to delete. CCleaner, by contrast, found 2.3GB.

The Programs section is a little more interesting, though. This includes a Startup section, for instance, which allows you to view your Windows startup programs, and disable or delete whatever you like. While an Uninstall module displays your installed applications and can launch their uninstallers on demand, as well as deleting orphaned entries for applications you've already removed.

And better still, a System Restore view displays your various system restore points and allows you to remove them individually, which can recover a surprising amount of disk space. (Although, of course, it'll disappear again as soon as the next few restore points are created.)

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It has only a very tiny fraction of the power of CCleaner, but OSHI Cleaner's simplicity means it may appeal to some