NTFS Permissions Tools is a free portable utility which makes it a little easier to change file and folder permissions.

If you want to restrict access to a folder, for instance, just browse to it, select "Read Only" or "Deny Access", and choose exactly what you'd like this new setting to affect (the folder, its subfolders, maybe their files). Click OK and the change is made immediately.

It's just as easy to allow access to a folder, or change its owner.

Usefully, you're able to select multiple folders and change the permissions for all of them in a single operation.

If you need more control, the program allows you to tweak the full set of permissions for every object (list or execute files, read/ write regular or extended attributes, delete files etc).

You won't necessarily have to manually set up permissions each time. The program allows you to copy permissions from one object, and paste them to others.

An option to "replace all child objects permissions with inheritable permissions from this object" might save you time (though don't touch it unless you know what you're doing), and there are some handy features for experts (create null/ empty DACL, import/ export security descriptors).

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Playing around with NTFS permissions is a great way to break your PC, and NTFS Permissions Tools really isn't for security beginners. But if you already understand the basics, it provides an easier way to set, change or repair lots of permissions at one time.