Norton Internet Security 2011 is a versatile suite that includes everything you need to keep your PC safe from malware, online scams and identity thieves.

A fast and accurate antivirus tool monitors the file you access, your downloads, email attachments and more, detecting and removing any malware. The new Reputation Scan highlights new, uncommon or untrusted files, ideal if you think you may have been infected and are looking for the most likely source. And virus scans can be scheduled to run when your PC is idle so they'll cause the minimum amount of hassle.

Browsing protection includes Norton Safe Web, which highlights phishing scams and malware-ridden pages in your Google, Yahoo! or Bing search results, helping you avoid trouble. And Norton Internet Security 2011 also monitors the links you click elsewhere - in emails, PDF files, Word documents and more - to prevent you from being tricked into visiting known dangerous sites.

An accurate spam filter is almost up to the standards of specialist tools, blocking a high proportion of junk mails while keeping misidentified messages to a minimum.

A highly configurable firewall blocks external attacks, while simultaneously looking out for suspicious programs on your PC that are trying to make unauthorised outgoing connections.

And other features include an excellent password manager, which automatically logs you in at web sites to bypass keyloggers. A welcome Silent Mode automatically suppresses annoying alerts when you're running full-screen apps, like games. And a useful Performance module highlights apps that are hogging system resources, and slowing you down. Which won't be Norton Internet Security 2011, by the way- it's one of the faster, and more lightweight of the big suites.

Norton Internet Security 2011 v18.6 contains many changes and fixes from the previous version. Some of these changes include Firefox 4 support, TidSrv detection, improved activation process, IE9 plugin support and compatibility issues.

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A well-rounded security suite that comes packed with powerful features, yet remains relatively lightweight - Norton Internet Security 2011 won't slow you down or get in your way