MZreveal is a tiny tool which lists disguised executables in a folder tree (that is, executable files which don't have an EXE or DLL extension).

This might be useful for detecting executable code hidden by malware (renaming virus.exe to virus.txt, say).

The program scans its current folder and all subfolders, and annoyingly there's no way to point it anywhere else. If you want to scan from your User folder, say, you must drag and drop it there, first.

On launch, a "Bare filenames" prompt gives you the option to display filenames only, or full paths.

MZreveal then scans your specified folder tree, looking for executable files which don't have an EXE or DLL extension.

Anything it discovers is displayed, along with its executable type (DLL or EXE).

The list of disguised executables is also saved to an MZreveal.log file, in the same folder as MZreveal.exe.

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It's not exactly a program you'll use every day, but MZreveal can be useful if you're hunting malware, and it's also quite educational (in a geeky sort of way).