Malwarebytes products have been protecting PCs since 2008, but the company is branching out - and this is their first Android app.

Getting started couldn't be much easier: launch Anti-Malware Mobile, click "Scan", and watch as your system and apps are checked for malicious code. This took no more than two minutes in our tests, with any malware being immediately detected and removed.

A Privacy option then scans your apps to check on their privileges, and reports on these by category. We had six apps which could "access text messages", 8 which were able to "monitor calls", and 6 that could cost us money. Tapping a category displays its apps, choosing one of these gives us all its details, and you can close a running app - or uninstall it completely - with a tap.

The app provides a Security Audit which checks your device settings, highlighting any potential security and privacy issues. Have you accidentally left "USB Debugging" on, say? You'll be warned here, and a tap will take you straight to the relevant settings page, ready to correct the problem.

And there's more, too, including application whitelisting and the option to set up scheduled scans. But you don't have to delve too deeply into any of this. Just installing the app and allowing it to run a scan occasionally will help to keep you safe.

Build brings:

- Bug Fixes
- Turkish language support

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A simple but effective malware hunter. Go download it immediately.