KeyDepot 2019 is an easy-to-use tool for creating secure passwords, storing them in an encrypted vault, and (optionally) syncing them across all your PCs.

A simple wizard walks you through the setup process. Create your starting vault, enter a master password, and you're ready to go within seconds.

Enter the logins for your favourite sites, and KeyDepot automatically checks them for security. If a password is too short or too simple you're asked to create another, but that's not difficult-- a built-in password generator creates something very, very secure with a click.

Your websites are organised by categories - music, banking, news, whatever you like - which enables KeyDepot to double as a bookmark manager. Browse the list, click a button and the website launches right away.

KeyDepot won't autofill a logon page. Instead you tap buttons to copy the user name or password to the clipboard, then paste them into the logon form.

Normally your passwords are stored in a file on a local hard drive, but there are other options to try. You can have the program store everything on a USB stick, allowing access to your credentials from any convenient PC. Or you can synchronise the password vault via KeyDepot's free Cloud Service, ensuring any changes you make on one PC are automatically available on your other computers.

KeyDepot's basic operations are easy to figure out and you'll be up and running within moments, but take the time to browse the Settings dialog and you'll find some handy but less obvious features.

Pressing Alt+K brings the KeyDepot window to the front, for example, ready for immediate use (the hotkey can be customised, if necessary).

In a thoughtful touch, the program will automatically clear the clipboard and close your safe if the program hasn't been used for a while, reducing the chance of snoopers gaining access. Again, the timeouts can be customised if the defaults don't work for you.

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Decent tool for storing and managing your various online and offline passwords.