Let's face it, the latest Windows Defender is fairly decent. It's preventing some people from bothering to upgrade to a more powerful security suite.

With this in mind, Kaspersky has released a free version of their Security Cloud suite. But, we're confused. Security Cloud is adaptive technology which utilises the cloud, learning how you use your computer and figuring best ways to keep you safe and to keep ahead of potential threats. However, the free version doesn't include the adaptive technology, so it's already slightly flawed.

What you do get is basic antivirus protection, across devices. Apart from the Mac. Although Security Cloud is supposed to be cross-platform, there's no free version for the Mac. So you're limited to Windows, iOS and Android devices.

And the missing features do not stop there. The free version is lacking other modules which are all paid upgrades, including Secure Connection (a VPN), the Password Manager, Privacy Protection, Home Wi-Fi Monitoring, Safe Money, Kids Protection and many others.

Of course, you get these in the paid version of Kaspersky Security Cloud, available in Personal and Family editions (the Family version gives you Family Sharing and Kids Protection in addition to the Personal modules).

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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is difficult to recommend as it's one big advert for the functionality of the paid editions, with only very basic antivirus protection.