HerdProtect is an anti-malware scanner which scans your active processes, then checks them with 68 top anti-malware engines to detect any threats.

The program is extremely basic. There's no scheduler, no scanning during idle time, or anything else: if you want to use herdProtect, you have to manually launch it and click "Scan".

HerdProtect works by examining all the running processes on your PC, their DLLs, and any startup programs. It checks with its server to see whether these are known to be dangerous, and any unrecognised files are uploaded for closer examination (you can't prevent the program from doing this). All this activity means herdProtect may take longer to run than a regular antivirus "Quick Scan", but it was very acceptable for us, typically completing in somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes.

The final report lists any threats the program believes it's found: the file name, path and detection ratio (how many anti-malware engines flagged it as dangerous). Clicking the threat name displays a list of those engines and their verdict, and a "Details" button opens a web page where you can read more about the threat (name, version, hashes etc).

What you don't get here is any means to remove malware, unfortunately. The most you can do is scan the list of engines which have flagged a particular file, pick one you trust - Bitdefender, say - and download one of its packages (hoping this doesn't conflict with whatever you're running already).

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It's no substitute for a real antivirus tool, but if you think your PC has been infected by something dubious, then herdProtect provides an easy way to find out.