Consumer's are being led to believe that every aspect of their computing experience is constantly under threat, to the point where they can't even trust the software they download to their computer. Isn't this the role of security software, to make sure you download download malcious software? Now we have to use a secure location to obtain our software.

Heimdal FREE is a limited version of the security tool which you can use to offer a second-layer of security on your PC, in addition to your regular security suite. What it does in its basic form is check your computer, examine the software you have installed on your PC and then check for updates. It will then download them securely for you.

The major issue here is Heimdal only supports 80 'known' applications, which sort of suggests that to keep your system secure (using Heimdal), you can only operate using the apps they recommend? Somewhat limiting, in our opinion. Worse, they are suggesting that, as their database is so small, to download new software outside of their remit, you have to open your browser and go looking, thus avoiding their secure system for obtaining the software you want? Makes no sense.

Luckily Heimdal PRO, which is a paid upgrade, offers a whole host of additional security safeguards. You get traffic-based malware detection, proteection against accidentally installing malicious software (from third-party sources), a DarkLayer guard which will stop you from browsing a potentially malicious website and much more.

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Heimdal FREE offers nothing particularly worthy of an install. It's software database is far too small to be used properly and all the functionality you need is in the paid PRO version, which we could recommend as a second-layer security suite.