Ghostpress is a free tool which tries to prevent your keystrokes being recorded by malware.

The program is tiny, and, crucially, portable. If you regularly work on other PCs, Ghostpress could offer some welcome protection.

Basic use is very straightforward. The Protection tab displays a green "Protected" icon when your keypresses are safe, a red "Unprotected" cross when you're not, and simply clicking the icon toggles the current state.

There are also a few basic options, including starting the program with Windows, setting it to be "always on top", or running as a desktop gadget for speedy access at any time.

Does it work? There's no way to tell for sure, but we tried a couple of commercial keyloggers and Ghostpress blocked them both, which is encouraging.


+Portable parameter (settings wont be saved)
+Romanian translation (Thanks to Arthur)
+Portugese translation

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It'll take a lot more testing to figure out how effective Ghostpress might be, but it did block our two keyloggers, which is a good start. If you work on other people's PCs and currently have no keylogger protection, give this one a try.