Let's face it, when we use software that requires personal information, this data is stored on your computer and often shared with the company which develops the software. Google's software is no exception and Maps, Chrome, YouTube and other tools all use and store your data and history.

There are good reasons for this. Google's software is provided free of charge and they earn income from advertising revenue and to make sure you see ads relevant to yourself, Google uses your personal information to tailor adverts so you are more likely to respond. You can opt out of this, but it's not always so straightforward.

GClean 2018 is technology that detects all Google's impact on your computer including tools such as Google Search, Google Mail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Google Analytics, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search, Google Earth, Google Updater and Google Picasa. You can then quickly and easily remove your history, clear download lists, remove Google cookies, reset your cache, remove form data and make the applications forget your saved passwords.

GClean can be proactive too. The Radar feature will look at out for future attempts to hijack your computer, whilst the Search removal request feature enables you to remove pages about you from Google's search facility.

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