Security software is only part of the story when it comes to protecting your computer from infection and attack. A secure computer enjoys multiple layers of protection, and G Data’s CloudSecurity plugin works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox to provide protection for the program where much of today’s threats originate: your web browser.

Installation is painless using the program installer – once in place, a new toolbar appears in your browser to let you know it’s working in the background. It then sits invisibly in the background, popping up a warning if you find yourself about to enter a known phishing site or one that’s infested with malware. You can skip this warning if you wish, but in most cases the warning should be heeded.

There’s nothing particularly revolutionary about G Data CloudSecurity – the title seems to suggest more than it actually offers, which is a basic web filter that’s already provided in other security programs or through free plug-ins like MyWOT, which works on a wider range of browsers and is also cross-platform, so supports Mac as well as PC. However, if you don’t currently have any browser filters in place, it’s worth a look.

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A basic tool that offers some additional protection, but it’s neither unique nor the best in its field at blocking dangerous websites.