File Extension Fixer is a tiny portable tool which can help repair some common Windows issues.

If you've been infected by a virus, for instance, you might find you can't run some executable or other file types any more. File Extension Fixer allows you to repair any or all of these (EXE, MSI, REG, BAT, CMD, COM, VBS) in just a few clicks.

Malware may also try to prevent you running key system tools. File Extension Fixer can fix this in some cases, and has links to enable and run REGEDIT, Task Manager, System Restore and MSCONFIG.

This isn't going to help much if your system is still infected, of course. Ideally you should remove any malware first, and only run File Extension Fixer as a final cleanup step. But if that's not possible, the program also has buttons to download and run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and/ or Ultra Virus Killer.

Please note, the download button links to the file If this won't run because of your file association issues, download ExeFixer.exe by clicking here, or follow these instructions to manually repair the problem.

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It doesn't do very much, but File Extension is a hassle-free PC repair kit, a timesaver for experts yet also easy enough for beginners to use.