Emsisoft Internet Security Pack is a combination of an antivirus engine and firewall, which together aim to keep your PC free of malware.

Antivirus duties are handled by Emsisoft Anti-Malware. This powerful tool checks the files you access and download for known threats, while behaviour monitoring guards against brand new dangers. And in a welcome bonus, browsing protection blocks malicious websites, which could help stop you from becoming infected in the first place.

No antivirus tool comes with a 100% effectiveness guarantee, of course, and so you also get Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall, a capable tool which provides several extra layers of security. A firewall blocks suspicious network connections, for instance; "Program Guard" allows only known safe programs to run; a keylogger monitor detects attempts to record your keypresses, and Banking Mode works to secure your online activities.

While this may sound like a familiar list, Emsisoft Internet Security Pack works quite differently to many regular internet security suites. It will raise many more alerts, at least initially, warning you about various programs, and asking your permission for this connection to be allowed, that program to be launched, and more.

This can seem a hassle, and the program certainly presents a lot of technical detail. It does learn from your responses, though, and the number of alerts you'll see tails off very quickly.

The time you invest in configuring Emsisoft Internet Security Pack can pay off in terms of security, too: the company's technology beat all contenders to take first place in AV-Comparatives March 2013 "Real-World" Protection Test.

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It's more technical than the average security suite, and issues vastly more alerts, but once you've got it configured Emsisoft Internet Security Pack does do an excellent job of protecting you from malware