When online, the threat of infection from viruses and spyware is very real. Opting to install one program to protect against viruses and another to protect against spyware can not only end up being expensive, but means that your computer is running more software than it really needs to, and this can lead to a drop in performance. a-squared Anti-Malware is a combined anti-spyware and anti-virus tool that combats both types of online threat.

By integrating the two protection engines into one, the impact on system performance can be kept to a minimum while ensuring that your computer remain safe. As well as checking individual files for signs of infection, the program also monitors for suspicious behaviour which may be indicative of malware infection. In this way, a-squared Anti-Malware is able to offer an incredibly high level of protection, even against threats which are yet to be recognised by the security community.

Should a suspicious program be detected, you will be provided with the opportunity to block or permit the action. VPN software could be used for malicious purposes, but it is equally likely that you have opted to install such a program - by providing you with a choice about whether specific programs should be blocked or not, a-squared Anti-Malware enables you to keep using the software you have become used to without worrying out it not working.

The latest v5 ships with full Windows 7 support, a File Guard, behaviour analysis, improved cleaning and much more.

Build ships with these fixes:

- “File not found” alert on malware removal problem fixed.
- Possible system freeze bug fixed.
- Added RAM disk support for Commandline Scanner.

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Comprehensive protection against viruses, rootkits, spyware, dialers , Trojan and other forms of malware in one handy package.