DoNotSpy10 is a free tool which makes it easier to see, tweak and adjust many Windows 10 privacy and telemetry settings.

The program requires installation, unfortunately, and the free edition will by default install extra packages as well. Fortunately you can avoid these, just as long as you're paying attention, clear the relevant checkboxes, click "Skip", "Decline" or whatever else the installer requires.

The DoNotSpy10 interface is very straightforward. It displays 50+ settings in a single list, each with a checkbox. You can select or deselect any of these, and apply all your changes with a click.

If you're unsure what a setting means, clicking it displays a help message. That's a good idea in theory, but in practice many of these messages tell you little more than the original setting. Clicking "Disable App Notifications" tells you "this tweak disables all app notifications", for instance, while clicking "Disable Sensors" explains that "this tweak disables the Sensors features". Gee, thanks.

The program does at least try to highlight settings which probably shouldn't be changed, such as "Disable Automatic Windows Updates", by displaying them in red or orange. There aren't many of these, though, and although everything else is supposed to be displayed in green, they were blue on our test system.

What you can't do here is apply a group of settings all at once ("Default", "Turn the safe options off", "Turn everything on"), unlike some of the competition.

Once you've figured out what you want to do, clicking "Apply" enables optionally creating a restore point, before updating your system settings.

What's new 5.0?

General: Added Support for Windows 10 October Update (1809)
General: Optimized tab stop order (especially important for screen reader users)
General: Completely optimized code base
General: Grouped settings for better usability
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Clipboard History
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Typing Insights
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Help Make Narrator Better
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Online Speech Recognition
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Hardware Keyboard Word Suggestions
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Multilingual Text Prediction
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Notifications on the Lock Screen
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Reminders and Voip Calls on Lock Screen
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Share Across Devices
Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Software Keyboard Word Suggestions
Tweak added: Edge: Disable Cortana
Tweak added: Edge: Disable Saving Credit Card Data
Tweak added: Edge: Disable Pre-Launching
Tweak updated: Search: Disable Web Search
Tweak updated: Apps: Disable Access to Notifications
Tweak updated: Apps: Disable Access to Radios
Tweak updated: Apps: Disable Sync With Devices
Tweak updated: Apps: Disable Access to Diagnostic Data
Tweak updated: Updates: Disable Windows Update Sharing

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PXc-coding gives easy access to lots of privacy settings, but there's little help on what these involve, and no easy way to apply a group of settings at once.