You do not need to have something to hide to have a need for data encryption – practically every computer’s hard drive is used to store files that include private information that could be misused if it fell into the wrong hands. This is where a tool such as Cryptic Disk come into their own, making it possible to encrypt and password protect files that are sensitive in nature. Encryption tools have the potential to be fairly complicated, but this is one program that balance ease of use with a powerful feature set.

The files you want to keep protect can be added to container folders that can then be encrypted; they can then also be mounted as separate drives. The program includes a screensaver mode so when you leave your computer unattended for a specific length of time, file will be automatically locked to help keep them safe in case you have decided to step away from your desk.

There's support for encrypting files using AES/Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish and CAST6. You can also encrypt entire drives or partitions, so you can store files on a removable USB drive and keep them safe as you transport them from one computer to another.

There are a number of nice extra security features includes in the program such as the virtual keyboard that can be used for password entry, helping to overcome the program of keyloggers. There is also protection from brute-force attacks that may be used to try to crack passwords that are in place. Where Cryptic Disk really excels is in its delightful ease of use which makes it a pleasure to work with.

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Cryptic Disk is amazingly powerful and simple to configure, but then it needs to be at this price.