BullGuard Premium Protection is an extremely comprehensive security suite which provides just about everything you could possibly need to keep your PC safe.

Naturally, this means that you get all the basics. An antivirus engine constantly monitors your PC for threats; a firewall detects and blocks network attacks; a spam filter keeps your inbox clear, while browsing protection alerts you to dangerous websites.

But that's just the start. The suite also provides parental controls and social media protection to ensure your kids are safe online; a vulnerability scanner alerts you to outdated software, and a PC Tuneup tool helps to optimise your system's performance.

Identity Protection options are particularly strong. Give the program your personal details - user names, addresses, phone numbers and so on - and it constantly searches the web, immediately alerting you via email and SMS if anything is made public. This feature is currently only available to US and UK-based users.

And as you explore each feature, so you'll find Premium Protection regularly delivers more than you might expect. So the program doesn't just provide a feeble 2 or 3GB online backup space, for instance - you get a full 25GB. And you probably won't have to spend any time wondering where you'll be able to install it, because the suite comes with a 3-PC licence as standard.

BullGuard Premium Protection may not be the cheapest security suite, then, but you get a lot for your money, and a clean and accessible interface ensures the suite's many features are very easy to use. If you're looking for a do-everything security suite which has plenty of power, but won't drown you in jargon, then Premium Protection needs to be on your shortlist.

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An excellent security suite which manages to provide plenty of powerful features, while remaining very easy to use