BullGuard Internet Security 2013 is a multi-layered line of defence that helps to protect your computer from viruses, malware, hackers and all manner of online threats. A delightfully simple interface means that even the computer phobic are able to easily scan their systems for problems but there is a great deal more power lurking beneath the surface. While the main Home screen is very simple, head to the Dashboard and there are more tools to work with.

Here you can control how the suite protects you against viruses, configure the firewall, change settings for the spam filter and scan your system for known vulnerabilities. This means checking the programs you have installed to ensure that they are the very latest versions and providing you with downloads links for any which are found to be out of date. While the focus of the suite is undoubtedly on security, there are a number of other components to take advantage of.

The program includes 5GB of free online storage which can be used to safeguard valuable files, and there is also a Parental Control feature. This enables concerned parents to place restrictions one which programs can be used, which web sites can be access and monitor how the computer is used complete with regular reports. The PC Tune Up component allows for quick and easy cleanup of unnecessary files, registry entries and startup programs and can be scheduled to save having to run it manually.

Impressively, the trial is twice the normal length of test periods, giving you 60 days to determine whether this is the tool for you or not. However, for many people the price may seem slightly too high – that is until you consider that you are permitted to install the software on up to three computers. There are also discounts for buying multi-year licenses or licenses for more than three computer which bring the cost down even further.

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A security tool that goes far beyond what you might expect, offering a excellent range of extra tools in addition to great protection.