Bitdefender Total Security Beta 2015 (aka Bitdefender 18) is a very early preview of Bitdefender's full-strength security suite.

The interface has been revamped, automatically adapting to different resolutions and (Bitdefender says) working "fluidly on any touch screen device".

Common tasks (Quick Scan, Update, Safepay, Optimize) PC are now available with a single click, while other functions are accessible via three main tiles (Protection, Privacy, Tools).

Bitdefender Safepay, the suite's secure browser, is now integrated with Wallet for safer online transactions. It can now automatically fill in user names, passwords and credit card details, too, making the process easier than ever before.

Bitdefender says the suite's Vulnerability Scanner is much faster at finding missing patches on your PC, and now includes links to help you download and install them.

A new Activity Profiles feature sees the suite automatically optimise your system for different situations.

If you're playing a game then Bitdefender Total Security will enable the Game Profile, postponing non-essential security tasks, disabling unnecessary services and generally working to speed up your PC.

A Battery Mode Profile kicks in when your battery life is lower than a specified level (30% by default). This optimises Total Security settings to save energy, adjusts power plan settings and disables external devices and network ports. (If this isn't convenient then you can customise what the program does.)

Similarly, a Work Profile can "boost performance on work apps", while a Movie Profile detects when you're playing a movie, optimising the suite's settings and enhancing visual effects.

Elsewhere, the Parental Control system is now entirely cloud-based, making it faster, more lightweight, and responsive to the latest dangers.

The other significant change is to Bitdefender's tune-up tools. A new One-Click Optimizer searches for junk files, redundant Registry keys and privacy issues (internet and application histories, downloads and Recycle Bin files), cleaning them up with a click. And the Tune-up section includes six additional modules: Boot Optimizer, PC Clean-Up, Disk Defragmenter, Registry Cleaner, Registry Recovery and Duplicate Finder.

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Bitdefender Total Security Beta 2015 doesn't bring revolutionary change, but that's fine with us: the interface is well laid out, Safepay and Wallet work more as they should, the Vulnerability Scanner does a better job of finding and installing updates, and the Tune-up tools are more capable and complete.

This is still a beta, though, with a lot of significant issues. For Wallet alone: the Firefox extension is missing, while the Chrome version "does not work properly on Windows XP". Only try it when you've a full system backup to hand. And even then, don't use it for long.