AVG Internet Security Beta is AVG's first release since the company was acquired by AVAST.

The program aims to blend the best technologies from each company. For example, the engine is AVAST, but the "Software Analyzer" heuristics come from AVG, and you also get AVG's ZEN device manager.

Installation didn't work properly for us. The ZEN launcher appeared, we chose the option to install Internet Security, watched as this happened, rebooted, launched ZEN, and... were told we had to install it again.

Maybe this is a beta issue. Maybe it's something specific to our system and it won't happen to you at all. But if you see something similar, go to your installation's AVG\Antivirus folder, run AVGGUI.exe and Internet Security should appear. Perhaps.

Basic computer, web and email protection was installed by default on our test PC. Separate "Hacker Attacks", "Private Data" and "Payments" modules are installed separately.

Beware, the current "known issues" list includes some serious problems. In particular, the main scan doesn't check your system drive, forcing you to use the quick scan instead, and heuristics are disabled on XP and Vista.

What's available looks good and seems easy to use, but with functionality holes like these we wouldn't recommending using it for long.

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The new AVAST/ AVG hybrid will be an interesting product, eventually, but it's too early and limited a version to give any verdicts just yet. Don't try it anywhere that isn't fully backed-up, and even then, don't use it for long.