Ashampoo AntiSpy for Windows 10 is a free portable tool which makes it easy to see and adjust Windows 10's many privacy-related settings.

On launch the program immediately asks if you'd like to create a Restore Point, welcome protection in case of problems later.

The AntiSpy interface is a single dialog box with a list of settings, a very brief description of each one, and buttons to turn them off or on.

The program can tweak more than 40 options, covering browsing, updates, location features, webcam/ microphone access, Cortana, Contacts and Calendar, and assorted telemetry settings.

Experts can toggle settings individually, and there are also options to disable everything, or all but a few recommended features. There's no telling quite what this might break, so it's good to see the program can restore your default settings, too.

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Ashampoo AntiSpy for Windows 10 gives you easy access to a lot of settings, and enables them to be tweaked individually or all at once. It would be helpful to have more information on the features you're disabling, but otherwise this is a useful tool.