Anvi Slim Toolbar is a program which can detect and remove malicious browser toolbars, add-ons, extensions and plugins.

The program offers a real-time "Guard" for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. This detects add-ons as they're installed and displays an alert if there's a problem. (If you'd like to take full control then you can optionally have the program raise an alert for every new add-on.)

There's also a simple on-demand Scan option which checks your addons when requested.

A Manage tool lists your current IE, Firefox and Chrome add-ons. This makes for a very long list and has no ways to customise the view (no sorting options, no filters or find tool). Still, you can select multiple addons and remove them with a click.

Slim Toolbar also offers a "Browser Repair" tool, although this is more basic than you might think. There's no low-level tweakery involved here, no careful examination of every possible browser setting: it's just about restoring your default home and search pages.

Version 1.4 changes:

1. Fixed bug that appears when repairing Google Chrome homepage and search engine.
2. Offer free version for this program.
3. Improved the software scan engine to better protect web browsers.

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Anvi Slim Toolbar provides a simple way to monitor your system for unwanted browser addons. It has a few minor issues - the Manage interface just displays your addons in a very long list, and the English language help file is basic and poorly translated - but otherwise handles the basics reasonably well.