AntiLogger is a specialist malware hunter with just one task: to detect and remove keyloggers, dangerous malware which can record everything you type.

The program's single-minded nature makes it very easy to use. There's no bulky interface to navigate, no dialogs to explore, not even a "Scan" button: simply launch AntiLogger and it immediately checks all your running processes for potential danger.

After just a few seconds AntiLogger will let you know if it's found any "loggers". These include programs which might legitimately capture keyboard input, so don't be alarmed if something has turned up, just click Continue for more details.

AntiLogger's report screen lists running programs which could monitor your keyboard input. It will give you its idea of whether a process might be malicious, or not, but don't take this as 100% guaranteed. As with any other antivirus tool, AntiLogger can be mistaken and raise false alerts over entirely innocent programs.

The best approach is to browse down the list, looking for programs you don't recognise. If you find something odd, then investigate it further, maybe running an in-depth scan with your antivirus package, or use the Remove button to strip it out entirely. And if AntiLogger identifies something you're 100% sure is entirely safe then click "Ignore" and you won't be warned about it again.

AntiLogger also uses a background scanner which detects and alerts you to problem processes as they're launched, but if that's inconvenient then it's easy to change. Click the Settings icon, clear "Run backgroundscanner on startup" and the program will run on demand only.

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Simple tool which will scan, find and (in the full version) remove loggers from your system.