USBDeview is a small tool that allows you to manage the USB devices connected to your computer.

Launch the program and you'll get a lengthy list of every device that's even been plugged in to your system, including its description, the device type (storage, webcam, audio and so on), driver name and more.

Right-click a USB drive, say, and you'll find an option to disconnect it, allowing you to unplug the drive safely. You're able to disable a device, just temporarily, if it's conflicting with other software or hardware. And if you no longer use a device, then right-click its entry, select Uninstall and Windows will remove its driver.

There's a Speed Test option that will benchmark the performance of your USB drives. This could be very handy if you're planning to use Windows ReadyBoost, for instance - it's important to pick the fastest drive you have.

And Windows experts will appreciate the right-click "Open in RegEdit" option, that launches the Registry Editor at the device entry you've specified, ready for manual editing. If you're not a Windows expert, though, be careful with this one - playing around with low-level Registry settings can seriously harm your PC.

Version 2.70 changes:

Added new command-line options to check whether a USB device is connected (USBDeview returns 0 if the device is not connected): /is_connected , /is_connected_by_serial , /is_connected_by_drive, /is_connected_by_class , /is_connected_by_pid 
For example: USBDeview.exe /is_connected "USB\Vid_1058&Pid_1023\8539583490834690"
Added new command-line options to check whether a USB device is disabled (USBDeview returns 0 if the device is not disabled): /is_disabled , /is_disabled_by_serial , /is_disabled_by_drive, /is_disabled_by_class , /is_disabled_by_pid 
For example: USBDeview.exe /is_disabled "USB\Vid_1058&Pid_1023\8539583490834690"

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A handy mix of USB-related features, with the speed test being our favourite