Tweak Me! is a simple tweaking and hard drive cleanup tool that works with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

The program organises its tweaks into several different categories. The Windows section allows you to turn off many possibly unwanted features, for instance: balloon tips, the highlighting of newly installed programs, low disk space checks, system beeps and more. User Account Control settings include options to skip the secure desktop, disable UAC altogether, even disable the UAC driver. And Security Centre tweaks make it possible to disable individual security notifications, so for instance you can stop Windows complaining that you've turned off its firewall.

In addition, you get a range of tweaks for key Windows applications, like Media Player and Internet Explorer. And the Performance section can disable unwanted services at a click.

There's also a welcome bonus in the shape of the Cleaner, a separate module for removing history information and assorted junk files from your PC. This detects and deletes files left behind by IE, Firefox, Windows components, and a few third-party applications, and quickly freed up more than 10GB of drive space on our test PC.

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Tweak Me! has some useful tweaks, but there's little help and its advice isn't always good. Not recommended if you're a PC novice