A USB drive has numerous uses from backing up data to moving files between computers. But they can also be used to run programs known as portable apps. These are applications that can be run without the need for installation so they can be executed directly from a USB drive without affecting the computer they are connected to.

LiberKey is a collection of portable apps which have been selected to cover a wide range of eventualities. The collection includes email clients and instant messaging tools, office applications and image editors, games and utilities and a selection of media players. But where the collection ready comes in useful is for security. LiberKey includes a number of portable antivirus and anti-malware tools that can be run from a USB drive - this is ideal if a malware infection or other problem has rendered a desktop based security tool in operable.

Although designed to be used from a USB drive, the applications can also be installed locally if you get used to working with the programs that are included. Working with portable apps not only means that you always have access to the program you need but also that the settings you have put in place can be accessed from any computer. LiberKey is available in three different versions, all of which are free, but each containing a different number of portable apps - the basic edition contains 24 tools, the standard edition 96 and the ultimate edition 168. Updates are checked for on a regular basis so you can always be sure that you are working with the latest version of apps.

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Put your USB key drive to good use by adding this collection of handy tools to it