Google Chrome 13.0.782.107, despite the anonymous version number, is a significant upgrade for the browser with a couple of major new features.

One welcome addition this time around (to all but the Mac version, though that's coming soon) is a well-designed Print Preview option. This doesn't have a separate menu option, but if you click Print then the current page will be displayed in a new tab, while a panel on the left allows you to choose your printer, decide which pages you'd like to print, select the number of copies you need, the preferred layout (portrait or landscape) and more. And when you're happy, you can print the page at a click: it's all very impressive.

There's now also support for Google's "Instant Pages", which means that when you run a Google search, Chrome will fetch and prerender the top search result for you (if it's sure you're going to click it). And so when you do click the link, the page loads instantly. The results in our tests were variable, but some of the time at least it did deliver a very noticeable speed increase. (It'll also use more bandwidth, but if that's a problem then you can disable the feature by going to Options > Under the Bonnet and clearing "Predict network actions to improve page load performance".)

And there are host of other smaller tweaks, bug-fixes, cleanups and performance enhancements, more than 5,000 in total.

This is also the portable version of Chrome 13.

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Chrome's new Print Preview option is a great addition, and Instant Pages means the browser is now faster than ever