Get My Videos Back is a simple but effective tool designed to help you recover video or audio files from scratched CDs or DVDs. (That is, videos or audio files you've copied to disc, not full audio CDs or video DVDs.)

The program is easy to use. Just click the Open and Start button, choose a file to recover and a destination folder, and Get My Videos Back will go to work, recovering as much of your media as it can.

And if this doesn't work then enabling "byte mode" (Files > Settings) tells the program to read the source file byte by byte, which takes much longer but improves your chances of success.

Get My Videos Back has some limitations.

It only works with individual files, for instance, so if you've a DVD packed with inaccessible MP3s then you're forced to recover them one at a time.

And the program is entirely reliant on the system areas of the disc being accessible. If you can't view the contents of a disc at all then Get My Videos Back won't be able to help.

Still, Get My Videos Back can be effective in many situations. And it's also tiny, and portable, so will have the minimum of impact on your system. If you back up audio or video files to disc, then grab a copy, just in case - one day it just might save your audio-visual life.

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A basic, but easy-to-use data recovery tool