The clipboard is a fantastic invention, making it possible to copy just about anything from one location to another, whether that’s a file on your hard drive or a selected portion of text or an image. The problem is, it can only handle a single item at any one time, and has enjoyed zero development since its introduction all those decades ago.

Into the breach steps Ditto. This simple clipboard replacement tool allows you to store multiple (up to 500 by default) clipboard items by utilising a database to store them in. When you come to paste an item, you can either use the Windows clipboard as normal for the last item, or access Ditto’s database via its Notification area icon or by pressing [Ctrl] + [‘].

This throws up a pop-up window showing the last 10 items plus a Search box. Older items can be accessed via Search or by scrolling through the list manually, while the first ten items can be activated by pressing the relevant number. You can even configure keyboard shortcuts to paste any of the first ten items without resorting to Ditto’s pop-up Quick Paste window.

Ditto also allows you to create new text clipboard entries from scratch, or import clips from previously saved Ditto databases or backups. You can organise clips into folders (or groups), perfect should you want to build a collection of regularly accessed clips.

Much of this functionality is available in other clipboard management tools, but Ditto has one unique trick up its sleeve: the ability to work across networked PCs. Once set up, a single database can be kept in sync across all your computers, making Ditto useful if you regularly switch between desktop or laptop.

Version 3.21.134 (see changelog for info):

- Updated default UI look of Ditto
- Added custom shortcut keys (options - quick paste Keyboard)
- Updated Ditto Icon
- Added option to paste adding the current time to the end
- Added option to show what clips have been pasted
- Added option to installer to add firewall exception for Ditto
- Added option to last ten pastes to use ui selected group for indexes
- Installer updated to auto close Ditto
- Removed flicker on large tooltop text
- Added option to toggle last viewed group
- Show scroll bars when viewing image in description window
- Added multiple shortcut keys to activate Ditto. Useful when using multiple language keyboards
- Allow delete/page up/down while description window is visible

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Powerful and effective clipboard manager – the network sync feature gives it a unique twist on rival products.