If there are two things that concern any users of mobile devices it is the performance of their device and the battery life they can expect. While there is a great deal you can do within the settings of your Android device to create a balance between performance and longevity, Bitdefender Power Tune-up is a free tool that aims to make the whole process somewhat easier and more automated.

The app can be used in a number of different ways, and there are a variety of techniques that are used to maximize the life of your battery. Firstly, you can specify night times during which certain features will be disabled to save power as well as switching to a special battery saving mode when the battery level reaches a certain level. Here you can choose to disable options such as Bluetooth, autosync and sounds to improve the amount of life you will get from your device.

There are a number of other handy features such as the ability to keep an eye on data usage, which is particular useful if you are on a tariff that features a data cap. If you are running low on space there is a cleanup tool that can be used to delete unnecessary files and apps from both your device and your memory card.

Widgets can be added to your home screen that allow for easy switching between profiles and enable you to monitor just how much usage you can expect to get with the current battery level. You can also easily access a list of running apps so you can shut down any that aren’t strictly necessary so help save power – while this is something that is already available in Android by default, it is a great extra feature to an already packed app.

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A power saving tool that seems to make a genuine difference – and completely free of charge.