Ubuntu Netbook Remix, or UNR, is just what it says - a variation on Ubuntu Linux especially for netbook computers. These are typified by their modest hardware performance and small displays, so a distribution tailored for a netbook makes sense. Even more so when you consider the target market for netbooks, not the typical computer user, let alone the typical Linux geek. Netbooks are often bought as a first computer, in no small part due to their low cost, so an environment that makes things easy and accessible is a strong selling point.

UNR is Ubuntu underneath, with the same large range of software in the repositories and support in the wiki and forums, but with a different face and  optimisations from the Moblin project. UNR includes a full range of software: Firefox web browser, Evolution E-mail client, Pidgin Instant messenger, Rhythmbox Media player, F-Spot Photo viewer and manager, FBReader e-Book reader, Skype Internet telephony and the OpenOffice.org Office suite. All applications are opened maximize to make the most of your screen space and the desktop has all application in a set of categories listed down the side of the desktop. There is also a Favourites category to give you fast access to your most used applications, websites and storage.

Netbooks don't have CD drives, so UNR is available as a USB disk image, ready to install from a USB disk or SD card.

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One of the best choices of operating system for a netbook, far better than most default OSes.