Peppermint OS One is a Linux distribution, based on Ubuntu, that is centred on cloud and web-based applications. As such it is a good choice for mobile devices, particularly netbooks, because wherever you go your data is always available, provided you have an Internet connection of course. The use of cloud services and web applications also reduces the amount of work done by the computer, which not only makes it suitable for lower powered devices but also extends battery life by reducing processor and thermal load.

The default desktop is LXDE, an extremely fast and lightweight desktop that is also reasonably flexible and powerful, which the online applications are provided by Mozilla's Prism software, that allows web applications to be run directly on the desktop instead of in a browser, a great advantage when screen space is limited. It also means individual apps can be minimised, have their own system tray icons and notifications and do many of the other things desktop applications do not do.

The default applications cover the requirements of most users, office software, email, web browsing, photo editing, music playing and social networking are all well catered for. The inclusion of DropBox also makes synchronising your work with your desktop at home as easy as possible. Peppermint is up against some big names in this field, like Google Chrome and Meego (formerly Moblin) but it has made a good start and is well worth trying out on your netbook.

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 A good choice for netbook equipped road warriors, and anyone else who uses a lot of cloud services.